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The Father’s Revelation of the Son
settles you in the Truth of God’s love and in His intentions and purpose for the human race. In the book, you will encounter the Truth of His love.    The Personal undertaking for our salvation by His Sacrifice on the Cross and His personal interest in us; by coming into our lives to teach us  and guide us fulfilling all the desires of our Father as He prepares us for His Eternal Priesthood.
Remember Jesus came into the world to sow the Seed of Godliness into the heart of man (Both male and Female Gen. 5:2) and for those who receive Him; He brings and presents them blameless on that Day.  To those who endure with Him during His trials against evil and the oppositions to His Love in this world, He will reward eternally.
Look into the life of David- though he was anointed King during the time of Saul’s Reign- He did not cross the line but waited till the time appointed by the Father for his Throne. Therefore all those who were on David’s side who labored and endured with him; he rewarded with positions and places of honor at the time of his inauguration and reign. Let us press on to know the Lord through
The Father’s revelation of the Son.  Rp



        UNDERSTANDING THE LAWS OF LOVE                       Understanding the laws of love
Prelude the manifestation of true love.The unconditional love we all desire to receive and many times is difficult to provide. This book will enlighten the soul to allow the Spirit to love through us unconditionally.
The experiences which follow after the recognition of His Ways and Methods to love will bring great rewards in this life and throughout eternity. Love will establish us in our Father’s Nature for a greater state of completeness.
The Scriptures teach us that God is Love and when we see Him we will be like Him. Therefore it is to our most importance to begin to live now in the method which we will live eternally. We must be aware that all His Love for us and through us is manifested by His Grace; for by His love He will help us to escape the corruption that is in the world through lust. Remember the promise He has given to us:
“Love never fails”.                                                                                                       Therefore when we function in love and by love, We always win. Rp



The Excellent and Abundant Life from Christ

This is for anyone who has seen the need to find a way for a better life, while there is, time to live. For there are so many people that go through life not living, yet, trying to make a living. This is for those who want a better life from God through Jesus the Christ. Therefore, this is for those who have tried and have found there is nothing new under the sun. However, for us all; “all could be New under the Son” “COME “
Therefore, pursue a relationship with Him and become sensitive to what He has to say to you, for it all comes from Him, by His Spirit who dwells in you.
For the quality of our life is in what we say about what Jesus has done; and the abundance of our life in Christ is in how we give in love of ourselves, our possessions,  and our time.  Rp





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