The goal of our Preschool is to help parents in the nurturing and training of their children to grow, develop and become aware of the love of God. Our entire Staff is dedicated to help you and your children from six-weeks to five- years old in our age appropriate environment. Our goal is for this to be a great experience as they reach the years for academic achievement. Our PreSchool belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, our main purpose is to offer the best to our children in the PreSchool setting where they can learn and become aware of all the things around them and the existence of our Lord.   

The Tuition for our PreSchool varies 
(Please call for prices and time needed) 
The registration fee is $65.00 per year. 
The School hours: 6:30 am-6:30 pm. 
 (Full 5 days or as many days or time you need)
(For prices or information)
E-mail: Rev.ToniannPena, Principal
Call Office: 732.928.9540