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With the shouts of Grace, Grace Zech. 4:7

The logo of Jesus’ Harvest Time Ministries.
It is a symbol of His Grace.
It has its roots in Zechariah 4:1-7, where a Golden Lampstand with the Seven Lamps appeared to the prophet Zechariah in a Vision as a symbol of God’s abilities (Grace)
to destroy the mountain of opposition at the time of rebuilding their Temple. The Headstone comes forth at the shouts of “Grace, Grace unto it”.
The Holy Spirit makes this Grace available to His people as He brought forth the Headstone, which is Jesus,the Chief Corner Stone (Zech. 3: 9-10).
In the New Testament, we see Jesus in the midst of the Lampstand, (Rev. 1:12-16). In Rev. 3:1, He has the seven Spirits of God.
In Revelations 4:5, the prophet John, caught up to Heaven saw the Seven Lamps of fire, which are the Seven Spirits of God.
In Isaiah 11:1-2, we see a prophecy, which speaks of the fullness of The Deity dwelling in the Lord Jesus Christ (Col 2:9-10, Rev. 3:1).
Jesus being the Head of the Church is the One who makes available His Grace and/or ability to fulfill His desires for us through His Seven Spirits.
The Seven Spirits of God depicted in the Isaiah text as:
The Spirit of the Lord being the Trunk or the Source for all the others manifestations of His Spirit.
The first set of branches is the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding.
The second set is the Spirit of Counsel and the Spirit of Might.
The third set is the Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord (See Exodus 25:31-40 and Isaiah 11:1-2), Which are sent out to the whole earth (Zech. 4:10).
In Revelations 1:20, Jesus explains the mystery of the Seven Golden Lampstands, which are the “Seven Churches” the manifestations of His Grace working through His people to make known His Love.
The olive branches represent the Father and the Son (Col. 2: 2-3) Who is the Holy Spirit (John 14: 23); the oil represents the power of the Holy Spirit, who is the Life and Light of the believers.
The Cross-is the symbol of the Righteous dying for the unrighteous. Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God was sacrificed for the ungodly.
Hebrews 9:12 teaches, “With His own blood He entered the Most Holy Place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption” and of His Fullness we have received “And Grace for Grace.” (John 1:16)

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